13 “Holiday Traditions” to Lose – NOW!

Beyond some super bad holiday portraits taken in some families (we’ve all seen them!, there are some other holiday traditions that we might want to lose. Read on … enjoy and share!

Whether we plan to travel or not for the holidays, it’s likely we’ll have luggage. Yes, luggage in the form of the baggage of old habits—ones that reduce the quality of this wonderful season.

Are any of the following 13 holiday traditions—or “baggage”—familiar to you?

     1. Arguing about whose family you’ll spend the holidays with this year.

     2. Demanding perfection in decorations, gift selection—and people.

     3. Taking every comment personally.

     4. Nagging our teen son about getting a haircut before the big family day.

     5. Telling a niece, “Looks like you’re putting on some weight!” (true story)

     6. Using plastic money to spend more than we can afford.

     7. Pushing to win the “Cleanest House On the Block” award.

     8. Complaining about family members behind their backs.

     9. Advising others on what they should eat, wear, or think.

     10. Holding grudges from past holiday seasons.

     11. Criticizing the in-laws.

     12. Getting angry over, um—nothing.

     13. Overdoing. Overdoing. Overdoing. Overdoing!

If any of these behaviors have become traditions, then they should go. And if they have become part of our holiday routine, change will be challenging. Yet, if we keep asking The Ultimate QBQ!—“How can I let go of what I cannot control?”—we’ll be okay. The stress will be less, the fun will go further, and the pleasure will be palpable.

Eliminate some traditions today—and feel the joy.

Which of the lousy holiday traditions above do you promise to not commit this year?

What “baggage” have you seen or engaged in that you can add to our list?

Comment below!

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3 Responses

  1. #9 seems especially reasonable: don’t advise. Even one step further (and most can relate) – don’t tell others what to do, think, wear, what kind of music you should listen to or why you shouldn’t be a ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ or ‘Liberal’ or whatever. Use some common sense, although that isn’t very common anymore.

  2. I will not do #13! For the first time this year, I have delegated some of the side dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner to family members. This post is a wonderful reminder that sometimes we gain so much more by letting go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Wonderful Holiday Season!

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