10 Characteristics of Successful People

Succeeding is the simplest thing we can do. Unless we’ve made it complicated.

What does it take to be successful? Nothing new here — 

10 Characteristics of Successful People

  1. Accountable
  2. Committed
  3. Diligent
  4. Curious
  5. Tenacious
  6. Hard-working
  7. Humble
  8. Punctual (yes, this matters!)
  9. Skillful
  10. Service-minded

There you go, 10 traits of those who succeed.

Wait, here’s one more:

Remembering customer John’s plastic pool heater control panel cover/door even when John had forgotten all about it!

Be Like Gary

We’ve had an above-ground pool in Colorado since 2000, and have gone through several “pool guys.” We’re always loyal to a good vendor who stays with us, but this industry seems to attract people who are great at first and then, well — not so great.

They simply disappear.

As Spring 2020 arrived, we had no pool helper to call. I can do a lot, but I also cannot do a lot. When it’s serious plumbing, or replacing a pool heater/furnace motherboard, I’m lost.

Enter Gary of Metro Pools in Aurora, Colorado, found on the web. Sure, I’ll tell you some of what he’s done for the Millers, but I’ll also direct your attention to the list above.

Gary exemplifies our list.

A Moment Of Excellence

Gary has replumbed broken pipes. Found/fixed tiny leaks I hadn’t seen. Redone the filter pump electrical wiring to make it safer. He even gave me a tip: paint all exposed pipe joints (any color) to stop the merciless Colorado sun from destroying the adhesive that holds them together.

I never knew! ?

He’s also the first guy in three years to locate the correct motherboard for our Raypak heater. By replacing the old one damaged by the elements, Gary enabled me to actually read and control the water temperature again!


But wait … on a rainy Monday, he replaced the motherboard … again! Why? The day before I’d informed him the new part wasn’t displaying correctly. We’d gotten a manufacturer’s lemon. Without me knowing it, he arrived at our pool early Monday morn, replaced the part, and drove from our property.

Now that’s service!

An Outstanding Moment

Lastly, I asked Gary to return to perform non-urgent maintenance on our plumbing. I came outside a few minutes after he showed up. As I approached the pool, he shouted, “Heater cover door replaced!”

“Um, what?”

“I got that cover your heater still needed. You know, the one that protects your screen and motherboard.”

He pointed. I looked. There it was. I’d forgotten I even needed it, but Gary had not. It sure looks better than the duct tape I’d been using!

I must say, I felt pretty cared for. Special even.

I will be recommending Metro Pools for a long time. Of course, that really means I’m recommending Gary — just a fella who lives our list above.

Success. It’s just not complicated.

Which of our 10 success characteristics do you need to work on? Comment away!


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  1. This is great example of exemplary service! Too bad that there are not more Gary’s in the world!
    The 10 characteristics of successful people are right on, too! Thanks for the stories and reminders, John!

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