Read Complete Review of Outstanding!


Endorsed by Dave Ramsey!

“Outstanding! hits the nail on the head in every way: Practical content, terrific stories, and an easy read. Miller has provided a road map for organizations to become exceptional—just follow the path laid out. Definitely a must read!”

Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover author and host of The Dave Ramsey Show

Author’s Note:

Outstanding! is not “the next QBQ! book.” Broader in scope and more organizational in its focus, Outstanding! is different—and equally meaningful.

After consulting with thousands of organizations since 1986, I wrote Outstanding! to highlight what the best organizations do. Managers and individual contributors can learn a great deal by studying what makes other organizations successful. So now, without spending decades asking thousands of questions like I did, you have in Outstanding! 47 “ideas that work”!

Containing a theme of personal accountability, Outstanding! provides practical “how to” ideas. With easy-to-read, story-based chapters, Outstanding! can be read by an individual or studied in a team setting. Choosing favorite chapters for a second and third read enables anyone to quickly apply the material. Outstanding! should be kept handy and referred to often.

As Dave Ramsey says, Outstanding! is a “roadmap” to success.

I hope you enjoy reading Outstanding! as much as I did writing it. Send me an email sharing what it does for your organization—and you. I’d love to know!

John G. Miller
Denver, Colorado USA