Personal Accountability: Do You Let People Push Your Buttons?

Do you find yourself dealing with difficult people?

As a kid, I read Ann Landers’ advice column daily. Didn’t we all?

From her, I learned this:

Nobody can make me angry.

Decades later, along came Chuck Swindoll who stated this:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

And … in the QBQ! book we preach this: 

Stress is a choice.

These three teachings are worth pondering, practicing, and passing on. And in thinking about them, this little guy comes to my mind:

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Are We Raising Victims? 13 Beliefs to NOT Teach Our Children

I avoid contentious Facebook battles because the “other side” can always respond, just like the first dog Karen and I owned. No matter how much we admonished Marmaduke for barking, he’d let out one more ear-piercing, “Woof!” Every. Single. Time.

Gone now 20 years, we still quote “Duke the Dachshund” when someone insists on getting the last word in.


Anyway, skimming a recent Facebook debate, a comment made by a dad caught my eye. In a good way, he masterfully shut down the argument.

As his debate opponent lamented what is “happening to our world” and fretted about how “the children” will be affected, this wise father calmly replied, “I don’t worry about my kids. I didn’t raise victims.

Well done, Dad. As Shakespeare wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Let me now say what that father said in different words:

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199 WORDS: How Accountable People Think

Grab the new QBQ! Workbook for personal application of QBQ!

thoughts, accountable, positive thinking

Our ability to think is a blessing—and a curse when we don’t control our thinking. Why is it critical to take captive our thoughts?

Because you and I are forever a product of our thinking. A question to ponder:

How well have I disciplined my thoughts recently?

Use this list to “grade” yourself …

20 Thoughts Accountable People Think

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The Challenge of Change: Four Roadblocks

As you explore the four roadblocks we face when attempting to change, ask yourself, “Which of these do I struggle with?” If you’re not sure, share this blog with a trusted partner and request a reality check. You might learn something—about you!

Four Roadblocks to Change

Roadblock #1: Deny 

Minding my own business in the Dubai Grand Hyatt, a knock on my door startled me. Through the peephole, I saw three serious-looking men. Opening the door, I was greeted by an English-speaking gent with a Middle Eastern accent:

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Humility: We Know It When We See (and Feel) It!

In this recent blog, we asked you to watch the video and tell us how many languages the QBQ! book is published in. Hundreds of you got it right. The answer is … 25! The winner of this drawing (5 autographed titles) is … well, we just emailed that person. Is it you?

humility, humble, leadershipWhen an Aaron Judge comes along, we’re spellbound.

That is if we know who Aaron Judge is.

A 25-year-old rookie right-fielder with the New York Yankees—a team known for producing “I’m the straw that stirs the drink” characters—Judge has taken the 2017 Major League Baseball world by storm.

And I’m not talking about his stats (current MLB home run leader), which are outstanding …

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Relationships: Success Is All About Me Changing Me

On the evening of July 3, 1979, Karen and I sat on the grass at Stewart Park in Ithaca, New York. I had just handed her my softball mitt. When she opened it and spotted the microscopic $395 “diamond” ring, I said, “You’re a great catch!”

It was her turn:



“I’m not marrying you.”

Hmm, this was not going according to plan. Denied thrice by my 18-year-old quasi-girlfriend.

I say “quasi” because just weeks before, I’d broken up with her, which hurt her and her mom. I later learned that my kids’ future grandma uttered these words:

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