JUST99WORDS: “I learned a lot!” You sure?

Posted by John G. Miller


I love those conflicting two-word phrases called oxymorons …

“pretty ugly”

“legal brief”

“old news”

“committee decision”

And, “country music.” :-)


Adult learning

We’re not good at learning because we’ve “mis-learned” what learning is.

Learning is not about showing up.

Learning is not about going to class, memorizing content, passing a test. That’s called “college.”

Learning is not attending a seminar, listening to a speaker, reading a book.

As written in QBQ! and Parenting the QBQ Way


A learner’s self-talk:

If I’ve not changed, I’ve not learned. 

Simple. Powerful. True.

Have I learned—changed—today?

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JUST99WORDS: It’s All About Me!

Posted by John G. Miller

 John Karen

John, Karen, three active grandkids—and a 34 year, work-in-progress marriage.

In 1991, eleven years married, Karen said, “John, I’m going to marriage counseling. You coming?!”

I went because this relationship is my most important relationship.

I also hoped counseling would … fix Karen. :-)

Instead, I learned this truth—and have learned it again and again:

I can only change me.

That’s really what personal accountability is about, though difficult to get straight in our heads since most believe accountability is for others.

But relationships are also about me …

Me changing me.

Our QBQ! poll results here reveal relationships are on people’s minds.

Now we just need accountability in our actions.

Who’ve you been trying to fix? How’s that been working for ‘ya?!

Comment below!

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No Excuses Living Is No Mistake

Posted by John G. Miller

While many talk about leaving a better world to our children, accountable parents work to leave better children to the world.

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One thing I’ve learned writing a bunch of books is this: Every book has typos.

Some mistakes don’t matter much, as we can still understand the author’s meaning—even when there are two in one sentence! Example: (more…)

Skip the Blame, Solve the Problem

Posted by John G. Miller


“Karen, I dropped Becca!”

It was our son-in-law calling my wife’s cell.

It seems that “Becca Boo”—her painful but triumphant Sept 21, 2012 birth story here—had hit her head at the Denver airport where we had just dropped the Lindeen family for an evening flight home to Wisconsin. As fathers have for a millennium, Erik had been tossing Rebecca up in the air while she giggled and grinned—till she slipped through his hands.

THUD. (more…)

Young or Old, Entitlement Thinking Stinks

Posted by John G. Miller
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John G. Miller – future QBQ! author – commanding a 1960′s “Fox Trac.”

The winter of 1970 in Ithaca, N.Y. provided perfect conditions for bombing around on our now vintage-looking Fox Trac snowmobile. Thus, the 11-year-old competent, confident, and cute commander of this carriage needed the proper winter attire. So my mom (riding in the cart with my brother) and I went shopping for a “snowsuit.” Much to my dismay, we found one. Yes, the hideous thing you see me wearing in the picture.

Really, Mom!? Neon yellow!? Can’t I get one in a man’s color like black, Navy blue, or rich chocolate brown!?

All my pleading for anything-but-yellow fell on deaf—but wise—ears. We came home with my new “banana suit” and, like it was yesterday, I remember why Mom chose it (and, no, it wasn’t so she could find me in a snowstorm!): (more…)

Recipe for Holiday Stress: 21 Ingredients to Avoid!

Posted by John G. Miller

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape!

Holiday Stress

The holidays are a special time for cooking, baking, and eating. New recipes, old recipes, Grandma’s recipes, Uncle Mark’s recipes, Mom’s recipes—and favorite recipes! We all have those dishes we look forward to every year. But here is one entree we do not want to serve:  

Recipe for Holiday Stress: 21 Ingredients to Avoid!


No Excuses Driving: 13 QBQ! Rules for the Road

Posted by John G. Miller

 Here lies the body of Jonathan J.,
Who died maintaining the right-of-way,
He was right, dead right, as he rode along,
But just as dead as if he had been wrong.

(“No Excuses!” – Chapter 9 of Flipping the Switch
"I almost lost my husband tonight," said Molly.
“I almost lost my husband tonight,” said Molly.

Bill is a professional driver. Bill drives people all around. Bill drives a lot. Bill picked me up at the Detroit airport and drove me an hour north to a hotel for my “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” speaking engagement. Bill and I have a bunch in common:


Accountability: The First Brick of Success

Posted by John G. Miller

I love this brick. I paid $10 for it in 1982.


It came from the Anaconda Mining Company smokestack in Great Falls, Montana. The “Great Stack,” as it was called, was built in 1908 and was 585 feet tall—quite a feat for the times. Karen and I were lucky enough to be living in Great Falls in September 1982 when a demolition crew detonated charges to bring it down while the whole city watched.

But it didn’t go quite as planned. This is how the Great Falls Tribune described the moment: (more…)