JUST99WORDS: Know Any Controlling People???

Posted by John G. Miller


QBQ! reader:

My friend quit his job because his supervisor was so controlling. Several more employees left, too.

The supervisor’s still there.

Controlling people—at work and home—don’t know the damage they cause …

Emotional connections are severed. Hurts are hardened. Colleagues, friends, siblings, and offspring drift away. Relationships die.


Solution: emotional maturity.

Mature people—accountable people—ask The Ultimate QBQ: “How can I let go of what I cannot control?”

Controlling people—immature people—never ask that question.

There’s no looking in the mirror.

That’s sad, too. Life is so much better when I let go.

Do you need to ask that all-important QBQ today?

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JUST99WORDS: “I learned a lot!” You sure?

Posted by John G. Miller


I love those conflicting two-word phrases called oxymorons …

“pretty ugly”

“legal brief”

“old news”

“committee decision”

And, “country music.” :-)


Adult learning

We’re not good at learning because we’ve “mis-learned” what learning is.

Learning is not about showing up.

Learning is not about going to class, memorizing content, passing a test. That’s called “college.”

Learning is not attending a seminar, listening to a speaker, reading a book.

As written in QBQ! and Parenting the QBQ Way


A learner’s self-talk:

If I’ve not changed, I’ve not learned. 

Simple. Powerful. True.

Have I learned—changed—today?

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Never Hear These 3 Dangerous Words Again …

Posted by John G. Miller

Not My Problem

Like little boys everywhere, our 4-year-old grandson, Joshua, can be loud. When my wife, Karen—aka “Grandma Nonnie”—was driving our van recently with Josh and his toddler sister, “Becca Boo,” sitting behind her in their carseats, she asked Josh to lower his voice. Josh complied. But then he turned to his sister (co-conspirator?) and whispered …


#CHANGE: 6 C’s and 1 Secret

Posted by John G. Miller

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If so, let’s explore the “6 C’s of Change.” Every change process in every organization contains these components. It’s good to name them so we know where we are at any given time.

Then we’ll share the secret to change. (Hint: It isn’t plastering slogans on cubicle and cafeteria walls.)

Okay, here we go … (more…)

Accountability = No Hiding Behind the Team

Posted by John G. Miller

Don’t miss our QBQ! poll: “Why practice personal accountability?”


Yep, that’s me achieving a rare victory on the wrestling mat in 1974 as a 10th grader. My dad, Jimmy Miller, may have been Cornell’s head coach, but I lacked his natural talent, not to mention his physical strength acquired by milking cows by hand in the 1930s! :-)

However, the sport of “grappling” did teach me one key thing about successful living: (more…)

“Sorry, that’s our policy” = FAIL!

Posted by John G. Miller

Share your favorite “policies before people” story with us and maybe win an autographed copy of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question!

F grade

“Organizations that put polices before people fail everyone.” Outstanding!

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? The Millers have, and doing so has enabled us to better understand and relate to each other. Kristin is even certified to teach MBTI because there’s nothing more powerful than our QBQ! content on personal accountability combined with MBTI material in the same workshop. If you’re interested …

Anyway, if you do know Myers-Briggs, then you will know me without meeting me when I tell you my “type.” I’m an “ESTJ.” If you aren’t familiar with MBTI, stay with me here. You see …. (more…)

Outstanding Organizational Culture: 7 Reasons to Not Whack Moles

Posted by John G. Miller

We recommend that you forward this piece to your colleagues and boss to create meaningful dialogue. 

Question: Does “free speech” exist in our organization?


Resting in a Colorado field, these bales of straw possess a beauty that stems from their “alikeness.”

The characteristic of “alikeness” can be of great value when the market wants and expects consistency. McDonalds comes to mind. Buy a Big Mac in Sochi, Russia at the Olympics and it tastes exactly like the one you consumed a few days earlier in Paterson, New Jersey.

But what can be positive about alikeness in straw bales or the food we purchase, can be very negative in our organizational cultures.

In Toronto to speak on “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” I got out for a long walk and passed by this building with its profound proclamation:


Personal Accountability: Doing My Job

Posted by John G. Miller

Do you job

I asked Molly, our twentysomething daughter, who has served as captain of soccer and basketball teams, “Molly, in your opinion, what makes an effective team?” I was honestly just curious what she’d say; it wasn’t like I was doing book research! But I loved her answer: “Everyone taking care of their own stuff, Dad. Everybody working hard at doing their job.” I appreciated her thought so much, it went into Outstanding! under the chapter titled, “Work!” (more…)