#CHANGE: 6 C’s and 1 Secret

Posted by John G. Miller

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If so, let’s explore the “6 C’s of Change.” Every change process in every organization contains these components. It’s good to name them so we know where we are at any given time.

Then we’ll share the secret to change. (Hint: It isn’t plastering slogans on cubicle and cafeteria walls.)

Okay, here we go … (more…)

Against the Grain: 5 Steps to Leadership

Posted by John G. Miller

Wow, did someone in the public eye really just buck current societal norms by drawing a line in the sand??? Now that’s leadership. Read on …

sand final

There is an NCAA coach who—while seeking victories—finds victory in teaching discipline, respect for others, and self-control to his players. His name is …


Outstanding Organizational Culture: 7 Reasons to Not Whack Moles

Posted by John G. Miller

We recommend that you forward this piece to your colleagues and boss to create meaningful dialogue. 

Question: Does “free speech” exist in our organization?


Resting in a Colorado field, these bales of straw possess a beauty that stems from their “alikeness.”

The characteristic of “alikeness” can be of great value when the market wants and expects consistency. McDonalds comes to mind. Buy a Big Mac in Sochi, Russia at the Olympics and it tastes exactly like the one you consumed a few days earlier in Paterson, New Jersey.

But what can be positive about alikeness in straw bales or the food we purchase, can be very negative in our organizational cultures.

In Toronto to speak on “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” I got out for a long walk and passed by this building with its profound proclamation:


Almost 5 Traits of People Who Stand Out

Posted by John G. Miller
Congratulations to the winner of our “contest” in the blog below! With 75+ submissions, there were many great “fifth traits” to choose from, but we went with simple. Lisa submitted one word—”forgiving”—and we loved it. Thanks, Lisa! Your signed Outstanding! book is on the way!


Do you know someone who stands out on their “likability” alone? If so, have you studied them?

Let’s do that here by exploring 5 traits likable people possess. Yes, there are more than five, but in this space I’ll share four and then you can come up with #5!

Here we go …  (more…)

Skip the Blame, Solve the Problem

Posted by John G. Miller


“Karen, I dropped Becca!”

It was our son-in-law calling my wife’s cell.

It seems that “Becca Boo”—her painful but triumphant Sept 21, 2012 birth story here—had hit her head at the Denver airport where we had just dropped the Lindeen family for an evening flight home to Wisconsin. As fathers have for a millennium, Erik had been tossing Rebecca up in the air while she giggled and grinned—till she slipped through his hands.

THUD. (more…)

Know Your Purpose, Your Organization’s Mission—and Help the Homeless!

Posted by John G. Miller
Photo taken by Rachel Greiman on a cold Denver, Colorado December day.

I have never been on a board, though I have surely been bored. In fact, I bore quite easily, so the thought of being bored on a board, well, that simply bores me. :-)

But, I’ve been invited to join a board here in Denver, with my five-year term beginning in January 2014. And I don’t think it’ll be boring at all.

Do you know the Denver Rescue Mission? The Millers have been “friends of the Mission” since 1998. It’s a venerable (love that word!) organization founded in 1892, and it’s truly a mission on a mission with a mission. In fact, they have something every outstanding organization has: (more…)

Work Like Woody: Be a Mood-Lifter!

Posted by John G. Miller


I regret to inform you that if you have read QBQ! but not its companion book—Flipping the Switch … Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ!—you’re missing out on some terrific stories! :-)

One Flipping the Switch story is “Living Like Larry.” It’s about an outstanding TSA agent who makes a difference in the lives of travelers.

Our story today is about Woody, a corporate security guard, who, like Larry, causes each of us to ask The Question Behind the Question (QBQ):