Why does QBQ, Inc. exist?

QBQ. Inc. is an organizational development firm dedicated to helping organizations and people be outstanding by making personal accountability a core value!

What does QBQ, Inc. do?

We provide …

What is “QBQ!”?

Ever heard lousy questions like these?

  • “Why do we have to go through all this change?”
  • “When is someone going to train me?”
  • “Why can’t we find good people?”
  • “When will that department do its job right?”
  • “Who dropped the ball?”
  • “Why don’t they communicate better?”
  • “Who’s going to solve the problem?”

If so, then “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” is right for your organization. The Question Behind the Question (QBQ), a tool for practicing personal accountability, came about as a result of many years of research by author John G. Miller in the organizational development field. QBQ! provides the “how to” of personal accountability. People at every organizational level have found QBQ! life changing! (quick tutorial on IQs vs QBQs)

How does QBQ! bring value to organizations?

QBQ! eliminates the dangerous questions listed above and thus the common traps of complaining, victim-thinking, procrastination, and blame. When this occurs, productivity, teamwork, morale, creativity, safety, communication, and problem-solving are enhanced. Employing QBQ!, people adapt to change faster, which is critical for competing in today’s global economy.

Designed for and practiced by the individual, but of high value to the team, QBQ! material is practical, universal, and timeless. It applies to organizations in every industry and to people at every level, from the grassroots to the “executive suite.”

The QBQ! message of personal accountability is foundational. Before training on customer service, management, sales, change, leadership—or any other topic—personal accountability is needed! For all other training to succeed, accountability must be established as a core value within the organization. Otherwise, time and training dollars are wasted.

Want faster change? Accountability, ownership, and responsibility as cultural values? Greater engagement by team members? More effective people management? More creativity, productivity, and teamwork? Then bring QBQ! into your organization today!

Is it worth it? Just ask Debbie and Steve at Husqvarna, who share in this podcast how they’ve used QBQ! and what it has done for their organization.

Who is John G. Miller?

John is founder of QBQ, Inc. and author of these books. He was born in 1958 in Ithaca, N.Y.

John’s dad, Jimmy Miller, was both the Cornell University wrestling coach and a small town pastor. This is probably why John finds it natural to coach and teach!

As an 18-year-old freshman in college, he asked Karen, age 16, out to a movie and a few short years later they married in June 1980. Hired by Cargill off the Cornell campus to be a “grain trader,” John and Karen lived in three states in five years, eventually settling in Minneapolis, MN. In early 1986, John began a new career providing leadership and sales management training to Twin Cities’ corporations from all industries.

This is how and when John created QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. Throughout a decade of selling and facilitating training to and with executives and middle managers, he discovered the incredible need for personal accountability. In 1995, he chose to become a keynote speaker, titling his sessions “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!”—even though some people told him that “personal accountability isn’t a topic”!

His speaking career took off and John soon began writing books, gaining the new title “author.”

In late 1997, the Millers left Minnesota for Denver, Colorado, where the sun shines over 300 days each year! They have seven children ages 31 to 15 … six girls and one son! As John likes to say, they achieved four “the homemade way” and in 2000 gained three through adoption. They also have seven grandchildren.

John and Karen have recently written Parenting the QBQ Way.

Reach John by email at [email protected]. He responds to every email he gets!

Lastly, John serves on the Board of Directors of the Denver Rescue Mission.

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